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Rajiv Surendra

ABOUT 18 years ago, as a student in elementary school, I came across a pile of old letters, written in the mid 1800’s. I was fascinated by the beauty of the penmanship and began to copy the letter-forms using a pencil. I switched to ballpoint pen a few years later, but it was only when I discovered the original pens used for this form of writing, wooden pen-holders with tiny metal nibs, that I really began to understand what went into the script I was eager to emulate.

The business I officially started in 2010 originally proposed offering clients work executed in ink but I soon found myself on my knees in front of A-frame signs working in an even more ephemeral medium – chalk. Those early chalk signs led to larger commissions on a bigger walls. I’ve had so much fun turning my childhood hobby into a career and am very grateful to all of the clients who have trusted me with creating signage and imagery for their businesses.

Thanks for visiting my site and reading about my work. Hand-written correspondence has found a valuable role in this very digital age. After scrolling through my blog, I hope what you see might inspire you to set aside your devices and perhaps write down a few words to someone you care about – the old fashioned way – with letters in ink.

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