Rajiv Surendra

Whitney Museum of American Art – New York

The restaurant at the Whitney Museum, ‘Untitled’, had chalk walls that were desperately in need of revamping.  Together with chef Chris Bradley, who runs the place, a plan was conceived around the idea of empty frames that echoed the ‘untitled’ theme…works of art without names…beautiful frames without works of art in them….





Harlem Shambles

There’s a great butcher in Harlem – all of their meat is sourced from small farms in the state of NY and raised in an ethical manner.  Their walls were somewhat bare, so I suggested adding some chalkboards!




Business Cards

New business cards designed for relocating to New York.  A layout was first created in black ink on cotton paper.  The original was sent to the engraver in London, England – Smythson of Bond Street created a hand-engraved copper plate from the original draft.  The finished product is stunning;  an oversized card (10cm x 6.5cm) with gold ink on 700gsm Nile blue stock, with hand-rounded corners and 23kt gold hand-gilded edges.






Scan 1