• Peter Marsh

    A very dear friend gave me an osmiroid pen when I was about twelve and demonstrated briefly how to use it. As a result my Kingsbury County Grammar School exercise books all started out with masterful looking first pages and then from there on deteriorated in quality by one or two percent per page. Physics looks completely authentic when it is rendered in Chancery Cursive. How many times did I letter “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”? All 26 letters in one sentence.
    Well, actually, long enough to have a high opinion of what I see mastered here by Rajiv. The beautiful scroll work reminds me of some of the pages I have in a family heirloom from the 1750’s. This 1752 book is reminiscent of my own experience because it is a child’s exercise book echoing my pursuit, where the writing on the opening pages is specatacular and then deteriorates to the end piece where the scribble is a piece of poetry from the time where a young lady laments that she is still single and “I am sure it is not my fault”.
    One only has to think for a while to realize that handwriting has a lot to say about a persons character, skill, and temperament, and probably a lot more than that. It is obvious that Rajiv is a discerning and thoughtful soul with a mind for creativty and an eye for design. Nobody will want to “clean the blackboard”.

  • khmccreedy

    I concur with Peter! Bravo, young Rajiv, your work is amazing… the shadows in and behind your letters, the ornamentation, the consistently beautiful Copperplate letters done in CHALK! Why WOULD anyone EVER want to erase that work?!? I am completely and utterly humbled… I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make any more letters with dip pen and ink… why bother?!? 😀 (Just kidding… it’s not a competition, right?!? There’s room for lots of us to make lots of beautiful letters, you ROCK, Ravij!!!)

  • Valeria Ferrel

    Omg I wish there was a mean girls reunion Kevin G was always my favorite I hope I see him in more movies